3D Printed Goniometer stage

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I made a goniometer stage using parts created with a 3D printer and 6mm BB bullets.


I made a structure to put a 6mm BB bullet in the groove of R80 provided on the base and the table so that the table can be tilted. You can adjust the tilt of the table by turning the M4 screw on the side.


The outer shape is □ 50 mm and the height is 24 mm.

Component part

Range of movement

It can be tilted this much. The inclination is small as long as it can be used in fine adjustment.

Uses 2 axes

The screw pitch on the top and bottom is the same, and screws can be inserted into the nut holes on the base side so that a wrench can be inserted through the screw holes on the table side. Is also possible.

3D Model

STL Files

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