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2019/12/05 categories:NX Journal| tags:NX Journal|Python|

I have created a program that displays a dialog for entering a character string and displays the entered character string.

Without “theUI.LockAccess ()” and “theUI.UnlockAccess ()”, the dialog might disappear in an instant, but nothing was displayed so I added it.

Python Code

import NXOpen
import NXOpen.UF
def main():
    theSession  = NXOpen.Session.GetSession()
    theUfSession  = NXOpen.UF.UFSession.GetUFSession()
    theUI = NXOpen.UI.GetUI()
    text = "default"
    ret = theUfSession.Ui.AskStringInput("Enter String", text)
    theUfSession.Ui.DisplayMessage(ret[0], 1)
if __name__ == '__main__':

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