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I have created a program to get child parts.

In this program, the components of the work part are acquired, the child parts are acquired, and if there are child parts, they are acquired recursively, and all the child parts are acquired.

The retrieved component goes into components1 and becomes a list of [Hierarchy, Components].

Python Code

import NXOpen
def main():
    theSession  = NXOpen.Session.GetSession()
    workPart = theSession.Parts.Work
    theComponent = workPart.ComponentAssembly.RootComponent
    rank1 = 0
    # アセンブリトップを追加
    components1 = [ [rank1, theComponent] ]
    # 子部品の属性を再帰で取得
    recursion( theComponent, rank1 + 1, components1 )
def recursion( component1, rank2, components2 ):
    for child1 in component1.getChildren():
        components2.append( [rank2, child1] )
        recursion( child1, rank2 + 1, components2 )
if __name__ == '__main__':

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