3D Printed Almi Frame Slider

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I made a linear motion guide using 3D printed parts, an aluminum frame, and a linear shaft.


The parts used are as follows. For the bearing, I used V624ZZ, which has a V groove on the outer ring. It is usually sold on Amazon and aliexpress, but it may not be so common because I could not find cheap ones such as MISUMI and Monotaro and I did not see them in NTN catalogs.


The structure is such that the shaft and aluminum frame are sandwiched between 3D printed parts with fixed bearings so that pressurization can be applied to the bearings. This eliminated the backlash, but it doesn’t move smoothly. Even so, it is not so heavy, so I think it can be used for feeding with feed screws, ball screws, belts, etc.

Regarding wear, since the shaft is hardened SUJ2 and the bearing is also iron (hardened?), I think that it is more resistant to wear than the linear motion guide using V-groove bearings and trapezoidal bearings on the aluminum frame that you often see. ..

3D Model

STEP file of assembly

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