3D Printed Linear guide

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I was wondering what it would look like if I made a linear guide with a 3D printer, so I made it for the time being.


3D Model

STEP file of assembly

  • STL Files


    Since the gap between the block and the rail is made larger to make the operation lighter, accuracy cannot be expected. Also, since the rail is not straight or parallel to the rail and block, it cannot be used in applications where accuracy is expected. Also, since the material is resin vs. resin, durability cannot be expected. I don’t know if there are any situations where it can be used, but it may be used for something because it moves in its own way.

    If you try to make such machine element parts, you will deepen your understanding of them by examining various ready-made products, so it may be good to make a model and print it for the time being.

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